Directory structure and naming conventionsΒΆ

The AcmeHelloOrmFixture sets the baseDir to __DIR__, which will make ZanuiOrmFixture look for YAML files inside __DIR__/Data/ with the filename matching that of the fixture. The name of the class LoadUserData can be anything, as long as its name property matches an existing file inside the Data directory. The name also needs to match that of the entity class.

`-- HelloBundle/
    `-- DataFixtures/
        `-- ORM/
            |-- Data/
            |   |-- User.yml
            |   `-- (other data files)
            |-- AcmeHelloOrmFixture.php
            |-- LoadUserData.php
            `-- (other fixture classes)

The names of the entity fields inside the YAML file also need to follow a convention, as the the bundle uses it to infer the setter method to call in order to set their value:

  • To have a setter method called setUsername invoked, the field in the YAML file needs to be called username or Username
  • If the setter method was called setUserName, then the field would need to be called user_name or UserName.

You get the idea.

The ZanuiFixture class has a property namespace that falls back to the entity_namespace_fallback parameter. If the User entity class did not belong to that namespace, or entity_namespace_fallback was not declared in the bundle’s configuration, we would need to add the correct namespace for the LoadUserData class:

// src/Acme/HelloBundle/DataFixtures/ORM/LoadUserData.php

namespace Acme\HelloBundle\DataFixtures\ORM;

class LoadUserData extends AcmeHelloOrmFixture
    protected $namespace = 'Acme\OtherBundle\Entity';
    protected $name = 'User';