Available data options and fixture properties

Data options

flush_preserving_ids (boolean, defaults to false)
Indicates whether the entities should be saved overriding the default ID generation strategy to preserve the given IDs. This is only necessary if in some parts of your applications you have assumed that some entities have a certain ID (eg. to simplify queries).
flush_on_every_row (boolean, defaults to false)
Indicates whether the entity should be flushed on every row instead of only at the end, eg. you depend on the ID of a previous row, like in a parent-child relationship.
add_reference (boolean, defaults to false)
Indicates whether to set a reference for the current entity. Only necessary if the entity will act as a foreign key for other entities.
foreign_keys (array)
Defines a list of fields that should be treated as foreign keys, ie. their values point to a previously saved reference. Fields that start with fk_ (case insensitive) are assumed to be foreign keys, so they do not need to be listed.
date_time_fields (array)
Defines a list of fields which values should be transformed to DateTime, eg. a value of 2000-01-01 would be passed to the setter as \DateTime('2000-01-01').
local_references (array, only for fixtures using a``ZanuiCustomLoader``)
Similar to foreign_keys, but in this case the references point to entities saved within the same loader. They are especially useful when writing custom loaders.

Fixture properties

We have mentioned all of the following properties in previous sections, but here is a definition for relevant properties for fixture classes extending the ZanuiOrmFixture or ZanuiCustomLoader class:

Defines the base directory where data will be loaded from. Typically it will simply be __DIR__. As shown above, it is usually a good idea to set in your own base class and extend the rest of the fixture classes from it.
Defines the name of the fixture. In the case of fixtures extending ZanuiOrmFixture, it must match the name of the YAML file where the data is stored to work out of the box. In the case of ZanuiCustomLoader, it must match the directory name in which the YAML files are stored.
namespace (only relevant for ZanuiOrmFixture)
Defines the namespace to use in order to load the entity being loaded. It falls back to the entity_namespace_fallback parameter described above.
Defines the order in which the fixture should be loaded. Fixtures with higher order will be loaded after fixtures with lower order. It falls back to the base_order_fallback parameter described above.